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Aishangjia is one of the famous China Toliet Brush Holder manufacturers and Toliet Brush Holder suppliers. Our factory specializes in manufacturing of Toliet Brush Holder. 

Dongguan Aishangjia Household Products Limited is a new factory which set up in 2019, it is the manufactured factory under Everking (Hong Kong) International Industrial Limited that established in 1998. We specialize in manufacturing floor care products, including, but not limited to felt pads, caster cups, furniture sliders, rubber tips, bumpers, floor glides and casters. 

In addition we manufacture an extensive line of metal fabrication products, including but not limited to pegboards, peg hooks,kitchen utensils and bathroom accessories.
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Shower Handle Metal Holder

Shower Handle Metal Holder

Our factory supplies Shower handle metal holder , kitchen shelves and bathroom accessories. , including, but not limited to metal hooks,metal baskets, pegboards, peg hooks,bowl racks,shoes rack,towel racks and tissue holders, We specialize in manufacturing different kinds of metal products for more than 20 years, our product markets cover the areas of USA,Europe,and some Asia countries.We look forward to great business cooperation with you.

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Our Toliet Brush Holder are all from China, our factory is professional the Toliet Brush Holder manufacturers and suppliers. In addition, we also produce a wide range of metal manufacturing products. We will rely on professional experience and skills to provide customers with advanced quality products in a timely manner. We are a large wholesale company engaged in customized products. welcome to consult the newest products.
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